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Fresh thinking and innovative strategies that inspire students to succeed.


Daniel Goleman
Psychologist & Author


Dr. Russell Quaglia
President & Founder, Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations


Pedro Noguera
Urban Sociologist



Principals and Assistant Principals
Learn new ways to lead and inspire your entire school community.

Teachers and Educators
Explore new strategies, lesson planning ideas, and classroom management techniques.

District and State Administrators
Get the latest ideas and best practices to support staff development.


For your convenience, use the following template when applying for a request to attend the conference at your organization

The rich traditions of the NAESP Conference are the building blocks and stepping stones for making your school a successful learning community and a model of excellence! Everyone in your school benefits when you attend the 2016 NAESP Annual Conference this summer.

Get what you need to be a top-performing principal, engage with the best and brightest minds in education and holding meaningful discussions on a wide variety of topics that enrich your leadership, knowledge and skills. With more than 100 education sessions, you reap the benefits of best practices, success stories, and practical solutions you can apply school-wide—from curriculum to classroom, blackboard to school board.


General Sessions set the tone and the pace for your days, as presenters from within the leadership community share their insight and vision surrounding the hottest topics and trends facing schools and leaders today. Use this time to reenergize, reflect, and help prepare yourself and your organization for the road ahead. Current general session speakers include Pedro Noguera, whose latest book is Excellence Through Equity,  Daniel Goleman, an expert on the brain and emotional, ecological, and social intelligence, and Russ Quaglia, Founder of Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations.

Concurrent Sessions are 75 minutes of presentation, demonstration, panel discussions, tips and tricks, best practices—or some combination of all of these. Learning directly from your peers who have lived through real-world experiences is the most powerful way to increase your knowledge.  In Concurrent Sessions, you will learn how others have successfully applied practical strategies for and continuous improvement in their schools. These individuals and teams will deepen your knowledge and thinking on content specific topics to enhance your leadership capacity. The sessions will be based on our best practices for better schools to include the following strands:

leading_icon  Leading Pre-K-3 Learning Communities

leadership_icon  High Leverage Leadership (Practices for 21st Century Principals)

emerge_icon  Emerging Issues (Game Changers in Education)

transform_icon  Transforming Schools (Equality & Equity)

arts_icon  Arts Education (Spotlight on the “A” in STEAM for 21st Century Learning)

tech_icon  Technology and Social Media (Curriculum Integration, Digital Tools, & Communication Strategies).

Speaker Series: Big Thinkers Curious to Share Ideas & Hear What You Think.

These extended 1 1/2 hour sessions will give participants an opportunity for increased engagement and reflection on best practices with visionaries and experts inside and outside the field of education. Participants discover how educators from different parts of the country are approaching the same issue and experiencing success, and learn the latest in education research. The Speaker Series gives you the opportunity to collaborate and network with colleagues to allow for a deeper exploration of important topics and/or problems of practices. The Speaker Series will inspire you with big ideas and practical solutions.

Roundtable or Focus Group Discussions

These sessions have a greater emphasis on the learning you can achieve by networking with others. Roundtables provide you the opportunity to actively participate in small group discussions—while seated at a roundtable! How much you get out of the discussion is largely up to you!

Lunch and Learn Sessions and Town Hall Gatherings

These little opportunities are more informal ways to make additional connections with people within the educational community that are topic based, i.e. The Wallace Foundation Research and Findings, The Kellogg Foundation Early Childhood Initiatives, New Principal focused discussions, etc. Leaders will share their experiences and knowledge in a relaxed informative atmosphere.

#NAESP16 Innovations Lab

These mini-sessions that run throughout the conference bring together the best of technology and learning. Participants can drop in, stay connected, or engage in the topics being discussed to support them in their daily work.

NAESP Edcamp 2016

This experience will take place on July 5, 2016 as a preconference opportunity. It will follow the Edcamp Powering Up Professional Learning Model and all participants will come prepared to fill an evolving agenda with discussions around topics that are most closely aligned with their needs. It will be free and open to everyone! More details to come.