Leading Pre-K-3 Learning Communities Sessions

Time Session Title
Wednesday, 8:00 AM Transformational Innovation: Helping Students Develop Competency for Essential Preschool to Grade 3 Learning Outcomes
Wednesday, 11:30 AM Pre-K-3 Lunch and Learn: Equity in the Early Grades in partnership with the Kellogg Foundation

In partnership with:
Wednesday, 1:45 PM Infusing Creativity and Design through “Making” in Grades K-2
Wednesday, 1:45 PM ‘Paving The Way’ for a PreK-3 Conference for Principals In your State
Wednesday, 3:30 PM School as Hub for Birth through Grade 3: Innovative Leadership to Close Achievement Gaps
Thursday, 7:30 AM Early Learning Breakfast (by invitation only)
Thursday, 8:00 AM Best Practices in Kindergarten Transition- A Child-centered Approach to Orientation, Screening and Transition
Thursday, 8:00 AM Hacking the Brain: Easy, Accelerated (and Earlier!) Learning
Thursday, 8:00 AM P-3 Alignment?…but What Are We Supposed to Align?!
Thursday, 1:45 PM Principals Plus: Administrator Leadership for Comprehensive P-3 Approaches
Thursday, 3:30 PM Pre-K-3 Town Hall Meeting: Challenges and Success in the Pre-K-3 Arena: An In-Depth Discussion on Issues in Early Education

In partnership with:
Thursday, 3:30 PM A P-3 Approach and Its Effectiveness in Closing Achievement Gap: Hawaii’s P-3 Initiative
Thursday, 3:30 PM And the Research Says? It’s NOT What You Think When It Comes to Early Literacy!
Friday, 8:00 AM Lessons Learned from P-3 Alignment in Colorado Schools
Friday, 9:15 AM Effective Principal Leadership in Early Childhood – the Key to Revolutionizing the American Primary School